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Gorilla 10X20 Grow Tent: Best grow Tent in Market


If you are a lover of plants and dearly wish to grow fruits and vegetables in your house, you need not feel bad about lack of ground anymore. This is because it is possible to grow plants of your choice in any place, even in a high rise building with the help of ‘grow tents’. As the name implies, these are special fabric boxes that provide ideal environment to make plants grow thick and fast. There are many companies making these grow tents. But the tents made by Flora Hydroponics, marketed as Gorilla grow tents, have become very popular among plant lovers across the country. Gorilla 10X20 grow tent is a large and sturdy tent made by the company.


Have your own garden on rooftop or terrace

You can assume Gorilla 10×20 Grow Tent – 10% Off for Limited Time to be like a 10X20 feet space that provides an ideal medium for plants to grow easily. This tent or box is made of specially created fabric that is waterproof and light reflective in nature. So holding water for plants that require it for their growth and providing light and warmth is no problem in this grow tent. It is supported on metallic poles to make the frame as strong as a brick and mortar room. Despite such strength, the weight of the grow tent is merely 308 pounds. This means you can easily sift your garden to any other place easily whenever it is so desired.


Extend height using a kit

The height of Gorilla 10X20 grow tent is 7 feet. But you can extend this height by another foot with the help of a kit that is provided along with the tent. Using this large grow tent, you can grow all the varieties of plants in your own house or apartment. Hydroponics is the answer to your problem of lack of ground.