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Elf Name Generator: What is in the Name

What’s in a name, especially someone as insignificant as creatures called elves? If you are thinking along these lines, you are wrong. These creatures, belonging to a race of their own, have become very important in modern times courtesy novelists like J. R. R. Tolkein and J F Rowling. Elves appear frequently in their novels and play important role by giving a new twist or helping the protagonist. If you have read Harry Potter novels or played MMORPG having these creatures, you know why it is important to have a good, suitable name for your elf. And where do you go to find this name? Well, there are so many elf name generators to help you in this regard.


Elves are no ordinary creatures

You will be surprised to know that besides being males and females, elves have been divided into 12 different races. This comes to your knowledge when you play the popular game Dungeons and Dragons. You will also be surprised to know that each elf name has a meaning and they describe either the ancestry or the attributes of the elf. So beware that your elf has a good meaning name even though you are just playing a game. Get a name that is not only unique and different form the names your friends have chosen, try to amuse your friends by choosing a funny name.


Get a name your elf deserves

If you have not used elf name generator before, it is a website where all you have to do is to specify the gender and age of your elf and they will come up with 10 random names. If you do not like these names, click again and they will flash another list of 10 names. This way you can easily name your elf.

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