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Are Japanese Swords Best In The World?

Japanese swords are used for past thousand years and are said to be the best as they are having the edged blades used with the traditional technique that will basically vary from place to place. The point of the samurai sword is said as the kissaki.  Maintenance of the parts of the sword must be done for the polishing.

Wakizashi and katana are the two basic swords. Katana is the biggest one. Wakizashi is the smallest one and is used as the backup option and most of the time Wakizashi is used for the indoor fighting.

Different Type Of Samurai Sword

There are basically three types of the sword available:

  • Tanto: it is basically the small knife that is used in the same way like Wakizashi.
  • Wakizashi: it is small in size and used whenever you are inside the building. The sword basically has the length of about 12 inches to 24 inches.
  • Katana: it is the biggest sword used by the warrior. This is basically about 24 inches.
  • Naqgamaki: it is basically the polearm sword which is having the blade mounted on the handle.
  • Year: it is similar to the sword name spear. It consists of the variety of blades as some are straight and triangular.

These all are the basic types of swords that were used by the samurais.

The Significance Of The Wakizashi Sword

During that period, these swords were not only used as the weapons but these swords were like the token of love and pride. Wakizashi was basically designed for the group of the artisans and the merchants. Also, they were designed for the indoor fighting.

Wakizashi was very effective for the instant attacks and for the fast reflex action. Usage of Wakizashi was bit easy as it was short in size.