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Impatto Fiat – Two Big Names Together

Fiat is a well-known automobile manufacturer, rather the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy. It is one of the bestselling brands in Europe and has its customers all over the world. However, like any other brand Fiat also need proper marketing of its new vehicles, to let people know about their products and the efforts they make to bring comfort to the travelers.

On the other hand, Impatto is an advertising agency, which is based in Southfield, Michigan. The company has driven its name from the Italian word Impatto or to cause a change. Impatto believes in passionate advertisement and they have already worked with many international brands.

Impatto Fiat have come together to create an impact on the minds of people. Fiat produces a wide range of cars, like Fiat station wagon, Panda, Punto, QUBO, Freemont and many others. However, their most popular product is 500, which is a compact small car, especially designed for the busy roads. It is available in different variation like 500, 500C, 500L, 500 X etc.

Impatto Fiat has planned an advertising campaign for Fiat as company, with focus on 500 range. Impatto is creating ads for electric media and at the same time a print media campaign is also launched. Many other ad agencies are also working for Fiat, in different regions of the world, but Impatto Fiat is the leading combination as Impatto is working as lead advertising agency for Fiat.

Now a day, you can watch the ads on television and social media, its simply touching. Impatto Fiat makes a winning combination and Fiat hope that this advertising campaign will enhance their business more. They will be able to attract more and more people and their Fiat 500 will be popular like never before. Let’s see, what the duo brings, but Impatto Fiat is a great combination and we can expect something best.


Venture Capital

Tips on Choosing the Right Venture Capital

Having ideas to run a business is something essential but in order to make those ideas reality there is a crucial need of funds as well. When it comes to making a business run in the right direction there are a few things which must be considered, the two most essential things needed in this regard comprise being funds and ideas, when these two things go hand in hand the business may move ahead towards success.

However, when you are required to generate funds the role of Website may not be neglected, moreover, there are a few factors which help you convince the right venture capital in a smart way.

  • The very first thing that you must do to attain venture capital is the task of presenting your ideas in front of investors. Nobody would invest in something which is not known to them so you better introduce your plan and your strategy towards moving ahead in the plan to your investors so that their level of interest increases.
  • Second things which plays a significant role in the context of attaining funds for your project comprise being return. When someone invests in your business the main thing they need is return over that investment and so you need to show that return to your investors as well. So, make sure you have made a working for that too since your investor would be taking an interest in the return.
  • You need to show them a picture of future business position and its strategy as well; you must work hard and plot a realistic future of your business in front of your investors so that the results are understandable by them and so they may show some interest.

All these factors must be kept in mind when it comes to making a move towards venture capital in order to materialize your business ideas.